Dress Code


Purpose “Be respectful. Be modest. Be diligent. Be clean.”

The intent of the Uniform Policy is to promote school unity, aesthetic beauty, and modesty and dignity in style while being distraction-free. The policy may not be inclusive of current styles or trends.

  1. Grammar and Logic students wear the daily uniform Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday unless otherwise specified. Students will wear dress attire on Wednesday and special occasions. Students must arrive to school in their uniforms.

  2. Uniforms may be purchased through French Toast. Items may be purchased through other vendors, but must match the appearance of French Toast. There is also a jumper for Kindergarten through Grade Two girls that is available through Land’s End. (Note: The blue gold two-tab scooter from French Toast is no longer available to be purchased for Kindergarten through Grade Two girls, however it can still be worn if you already have one.)

  3. Uniforms are to be kept clean and in good repair and must fit properly.

  4. All skirts must be no shorter than two inches above the knee when kneeling.

  5. Students must own at least one light blue polo with a Cornerstone logo.

  6. Students’ shirts should be tucked in at all times.

  7. Hats, caps, do-rags and sunglasses may not be worn in the school building unless as part of a class activity. Winter hats may be worn outside during recess.

  8. No unapproved outerwear is permitted indoors during school hours, including coats, non-uniform sweaters, jackets and sweatshirts. The navy cardigan, sweater or vest, the navy blazer, and the navy logo fleece or pullover may be worn in the classroom.

  9. No visible tattoos or writing on skin will be allowed while in school uniform.

  10. Any hair coloring must be of natural colors. Students may not have designs, words, or pictures cut into their hair. Hair should be cleaned and combed neatly and must not be distracting.

  11. Earrings are not allowed on boys.

  12. All clothing, outerwear, backpacks, lunch bags, and accessories must be free from popular culture references, including references to musical artists, superheroes, movies, TV shows, etc.

  13. Shoes must be close-toed and close-healed. No sandals, flip-flops, house shoes, moccasins, or slippers.

  14. Winter boots are permitted when there is snow accumulation.