2019-2020 Homeschool Course Offerings

Cornerstone provides an authentically Christian and academically challenging learning environment which we are pleased to share with homeschool families. Some classes meet one to three days per week while others meet each weekday. The class schedule will be published this summer. There may be an additional charge for any field trips.

Contact the school if you wish to enroll your child. 785-643-4460

Accounting, Lost Tools of Writing Level 2, and Algebra 1 and 2 require students to purchase their own books. These classes are taught by Ann Newcomer.

Lost Tools of Writing Level 2 $10 fee

Algebra 1 $10 Fee (Prerequisite: Algebra 1)

Algebra 2 $10 Fee

Accounting: $50-100 fee (Fee to be determined.)

To enroll in the following courses, students must apply and be accepted. The application can be found under the admissions link. Tuition for the following courses can be paid monthly.

We offer PE, Music, and Art for students in Kindergarten through Grade Ten. Other classes are offered for the ages and grades noted.

Humanities Level 2 (Chris Stevens), Grades Seven and above: Integrated history, theology, philosophy, and literature. Though writing is required, this class does not include explicit grammar and writing instruction. $800 plus a $100 book fee (Students will receive a personal copy of the readings.) Books covered include: The Church History Eusebius, Confessions Augustine, On the Incarnation of Our Lord Athanasius, Ecclesiastical History of the English People Bede, Rule of St. Benedict Benedict, Beowulf, The Song of Roland, History of the Kings of Britain Monmouth, Macbeth Shakespeare, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight Tolkein, The Divine Comedy: Inferno Dante, The Canterbury Tales Chaucer, The Bondage of the Will Luther

Latin 1A (Cindy Ramsey) $600

Latin 1B (Cindy Ramsey) $600 (Latin 1A required as a prerequisite)

Latin 2 (Beth Arpke) $700 (Latin 1B required as a prerequisite.)

Latin 3 (Beth Arpke) $700 (Second year Latin required as a prerequisite.)

Chemistry 1 (Beth Arpke) $700 (Algebra 1 Prerequisite)

Anatomy and Physiology (Deanna Cossette) $700 (Grades Five through Eight) Includes several dissections.

Middle School Grammar (Staff) $600

Music (Melissa Burrows) $400 (Grades Five through Eight)

Art (Amy Crouse) $400 (Grades Five through Eight)

Physical Education (Becky Keiswetter) $300 (Grades One through Eight)