Why Choose Cornerstone?

Cornerstone Classical School is a private, Christian, Preschool Three through Grade Eleven school based on the classical model of teaching.  The classical model offers a unique educational experience in today’s culture. Cornerstone teaches students how to learn and to love learning. While subjects remain constant and consistent, the development of specific learning tools for learning is a key component of Classical education. Our goal is to produce students who become the most respected opinion-makers, church, business, and organizational leaders, government authorities and educators of the 21st century-true salt and light.

First and foremost - Cornerstone is a Biblically based school that places the highest value on the word of God and His truth in our lives. We cannot exist, learn, or even move without His hand on our lives. All truth is centered on God's revealed word to us and at Cornerstone we hold those truths to be all encompassing and the driving force behind all we do each day for the Kingdom of God.

Classical education is offers a time-tested educational model that has been proven to produce students who understand fully how to learn and develop the skills necessary to continue learning throughout their adult life. There was a time when the classical model was only model of education in the early years of our country. It has long given way to the current trends in education but is making significant strides in the educational structures of the United States. Clearly, classical education is growing as the demand for higher thinking skills becomes increasingly necessary.

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